A lot of people ask me why I named my business, “Fractal Wellness”. The truth is, I am obsessed with Fractals! We are surrounded by them in nature every day, and most of us don’t even realize it. Clouds, trees, coastlines, plants, mountains, flowers, vegetables, and even systems of the human body are made of fractal patterns.

So what is a fractal? Very simply put, it is a self similar repeating pattern. Whether you’re looking at the small, medium, or large end of the spectrum, you will always see the same pattern repeat. During my quest to try and understand how synchronicities occur, I stumbled across fractals and they changed the way I looked at life.

I have always been in awe of how amazing nature is, but it always appeared to be so random. I finally started to realize how intentional it is, how everything is interconnected, and how we are a part of all of it!

When nature is functioning optimally, it has a beautiful rhythm and flow to it. We operate the exact same way. When we have blocks, limiting beliefs, a job we hate, unhappy relationships, and we’re out of alignment, nothing seems to go well. Life feels hard! When we start to trust our intuition, change our mindset, and align with our purpose, life starts to flow and work for us.

It only seemed fitting that when I work with people, I want them to “Achieve Confidence At Every Level On The Spectrum”. 

When you’re confident in who you are, you know you deserve to be happy, you start making the changes to get there, and things start to go well. If you’re sick of feeling like you’re always swimming upstream, you’re ready for life to be easier, and you’re ready to make the commitment to discover the life that is waiting for you, book a complimentary clarity call. I’m here to help you gain the confidence to create a life that is full of Fractal Wellness!

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