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Bounce Back From Your Breakup Recovery Workbook

Angel Card Coaching

If there is a specific situation in your life that you’re needing some help with, this is an intuitive coaching session using an Angel Card Tarot Deck that will not only help you gain some clarity around your situation, I will also give you guidance on how to work through it and move forward. These sessions can be life changing!

($65 1/2 hour)

One Hour Reset

Do you ever have one of those moments that just feels like too much to handle on your own or you have no idea how to move through it?  That’s exactly what this session is for, it is to help you push the reset button.  By the end of our call, I will give you some practical tips and help you gain clarity on what you need to do to move forward in a way that feels less overwhelming.


Mindset Makeover

How would it feel to wake up and feel less stress, worry, and overwhelm and replace it by feeling more positive, more confident, and like you’re ready to take on the world? 

We will address how you’re currently feeling about your life and give you practical life tools that are easy to implement.  Not only will your feelings  become more manageable, but you will learn how to take control of them and shift them faster, instead of feeling like you’re always a slave to your emotions. 

We will have three one hour sessions per month for 3 months, including email support and growth exercises in between sessions, in order to start  implementing the new tools that you’re learning.  By the end of the three months, you will feel happier, less burdened, have defined goals that you’re working towards, have improved relationships, and feel re-energized.  

($1,215/3 months)

Dating Profile Optimization

Are you confident about dating, but having trouble getting a date because your dating profile is getting overlooked?  Are you stuck on not knowing what to write or being able to properly reflect who you are and what you’re looking for?

During our session together, I will help you rewrite your dating profile so that it stands out and speaks to the person you’re looking to attract.  We will optimize it so that not only do you get more attention online, that attention will convert to quality dates.  I will also guide you on which pictures to use on your profile so that they are attention grabbing and get you more responses.

($195/1 1/2 hours)

Dating Foundations

If you can’t figure out why you keep attracting the wrong kind of people or why you aren’t able to meet anyone at all, this program is for you.  After troubleshooting to see where you’re out of alignment, we will work together to resolve it. Our first step together, will be to optimize your online dating profile to start attracting the kind of people you want to attract. 

Then, during our one hour appointments every other week, we will address what isn’t working for you, your current dating roadblocks, your limiting beliefs,  how to change your experience, and we will build your confidence so that you can start to love dating!

Imagine how amazing it would feel to make dating fun, date with confidence, and start attracting the right potential partners!

($795/3 months)

Breakup Reset

Are you devastated after a breakup and have no idea how to let go of your ex or how to even begin to move forward?  This program is for you!

Together we will cut your breakup recovery time in half,  help you to stop feeling miserable, beating yourself up, and questioning everything. Instead you will decide how you want to recreate your future, have more successful relationships moving forward, manage your emotions more effectively, build your confidence back up, and learn the tools to keep you from repeating the past. 

This program offers one hour coaching sessions every week with email support and growth exercises in between to support you through the emotional aftermath of your breakup.  If you’re feeling like you don’t need coaching calls every week, I would be happy to custom make you a package to fit your needs.  You shouldn’t have to go through your breakup alone.

($1,620/3 months)

Transform Your Life

If you’re interested in a total life transformation, this program is for you!

This program will be custom tailored to address your specific needs whether you want to build confidence, find your purpose, manage stress and emotions more effectively, improve your relationships, stop feeling stuck, figure out what is missing,  learn how to express yourself, communicate better, and feel more successful at life.

We will work on goal setting, establishing healthier lifestyle habits, implementing the proper tools to reduce stress and anxiety, gain clarity, build confidence, improve your relationships, overcome beliefs that are holding you back, communicate more effectively, envision, and create a life that you love!

How would it feel to take charge of your life, live with purpose, and stop struggling?

During our six months together, we will have a total of twelve sessions, every other week, for one hour.  This also includes email support and growth exercises between our coaching appointments to help you implement what you’re learning and start making immediate changes. Take the first step, join my weekly challenges, and book a complimentary clarity call today.

($1,595/6 months)